Episode 2: Clearing the Backlog – CLUS 2018 Edition

This past summer during Cisco Live 2018, we had the chance to sit down with Walt Shaw, Senior Product Line Manager for Cisco’s Wireless Networking Business Unit, to talk about the future of Cisco’s wireless product lines and some of their announcements that occurred during the show. He walked us through the current and upcoming capabilities of DNA Center when paired with the 4800 series access points. Features such as a dedicated radio for real-time intelligent packet captures as well as in-depth analysis using a massive signature-based anomaly detection engine for up-to-the-minute health and performance monitoring of wireless networks. We also spent some time with Walt looking forward to new technologies like WPA3 and 802.11ax and how these new products and features will be crucial for troubleshooting WLANs until the time our tools can catch up – if they even can anymore.

This episode was recorded live at Cisco Live 2018 on the World of Solutions floor so it’s not just liquor keeping us distracted… the liquor, the crowd, the security guards, and the desire to not get banned from future events made this episode a bit noisy.


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Episode 2: Clearing the Backlog – CLUS 2018 Edition

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